What’s making me happy this week, Volume 4


This was a great week for puns. First, this-

It’s the dawning of the age…

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And then we went to the middle school play that a bunch of the middle schoolers we know are in (we are the junior youth sponsors). It was so punny and just a good time. Puns are great, no matter how old you are.


For about a week, things have been oddly quiet for me- my ears are plugged up to the point where I have trouble hearing. There’s a solution in progress, but in the interim, things are quiet. I’ve loved the lack of background noise at the store, at work, while falling asleep. I’ve also found it interesting to discover how much I rely on sound for navigation, and little things throughout my day.┬áSince it’s made conversations in person a bit hard, it’s made me aware how little I actually talk to people in person at work- relying on instant message and phones.

Big Brew Day

I went to downtown Goshen to brew a batch of homebrew for National Homebrew Day, joining 4 other brewers in Goshen and thousands of others across the country. It was great hanging out with about 30-40 other people interested in making good beer.


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