What’s making us happy this week, Volume 3

Here’s what’s making us happy this week!


Playing Piano



My mom is a piano teacher, so I grew up to the sounds of piano lessons. I admired the big kids who came for lessons who could play songs that required both hands and both white and black notes. I took piano lessons until my senior year of high school, when I pretty much quit playing. I had always wanted a piano, but it made more sense to wait until I wasn’t moving to a new residence every year. That time is now, and I’ve really been enjoying having a piano again. It is humbling, however, to have to go back to the songs I played in junior high…and not do very well at them. I appreciate that I have to totally focus on the music when I’m playing. I can’t think about the chores I need to do, or all the work to be done, or my hands stop playing the right notes. It’s also fun to find my old notes in my piano books. Check out the star I earned for playing this one!

Indian food

Goshen has an awesome Indian restaurant, Maple Indian Cuisine. I’ve had the lunch buffet a few times, but we went for dinner for the first time this week. It was pretty quiet on a Tuesday evening, but the service was attentive, and the food was great. The garlic naan and the aloo gobi (cauliflower & potatoes) were the standouts for me, but the chicken tikka masala was also delicious, with really tender, large pieces of chicken. I am always a fan of aloo gobi, but the cauliflower in this version really stood out, with strong flavors of coriander, cumin seed, and a hint of fennel seed. The garlic naan was perfectly baked and had lots of fresh garlic & cilantro. They also served an addictive cilantro chutney which I could (and did!) eat with a spoon. So glad we have an Indian restaurant now!


Photoshop trolls

I’ve been laughing a bit too hard at these over the last few days. People make requests for changes to photos, and photoshoppers do it… but only kind of…

Iechyd Da Brewing Company

We don’t go to Iechyd Da very often. Our excuses are poor, at best. It’s too far (25 minutes away). It’s too busy (we often have to wait minutes before finding a place to sit). But we decided to go anyways, and were very happy.

We split a sandwich and salad, and Yum! We had the banh meatball sandwich, which was spicy and delicious, with a great chili mayo. Also delicious was the April Salad, a chicken caesar salad with the first asparagus of the season, and an amazing dressing.

IMG_0905 copy

I was very impressed with their Big Pit Porter- smoky, sweet, and balanced. Solid.

These geese

Every day on my bike ride home, I see these two geese sitting quietly in a field by themselves, not far from where other geese are cavorting, loudly honking and being geese.


This is what I imagine their conversation to be:

Margot: This field is so hip.
George: It’s like the coolest.
Margot: Well, we better enjoy it before the rest of the geese find out how cool this field is.
George: Shh, you’re running the ambience.
Margot: You can’t really appreciate the sky until you’ve sat in a field for hours. That’s when you achieve true V-ness.


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